Book reviews


Book reviewed in this article:

Essential Immunology, 5th edn by I. Roitt.

Health Hazards of Milk Ed. by D. L. J. Freed

Clinics in Anaesthesiology: Adverse Reactions, Vol 2: No. 2, Ed. by M. McD. Fisher. W.

Asthma: Physiology, Immunopharmacology and Treatment, Ed. by A. B. Kay, K. F. Austen and L. M. Lichtenstein.

Bronchodilator Therapy, Ed. by T. J. H. Clark & G. M. Cochrane.

Atlas of Moulds in Europe Causing Respiratory Allergy, Ed. by K. Wilken-Jensen and Suzanne Gravesen.

Allergy: Immunological and Clinical Aspects, Ed. by M. H. Lessof.

Regional Dermatology: A System of Diagnosis, 2nd Edn by Ervin Epstein.

Beta-adrenoceptors in Asthma, Ed. by J. Morley