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Oro-facial granulomatosis. Response to elemental diet and provocation by food additives


M. C. Sweatman, South Western Hospital, Landor Road, Stockwell, London SW9 9NU.


We report the case of an 8·5-year-old girl with oro-facial granulomatosis associated with clinical atopy, in whom relapse of her granulomatous disorder was shown to be related to exposure to specific food additives, viz. carmoisine, sunset yellow and monosodium glutamate. Treatment with a restricted diet resulted in considerable regression in the facial swelling which has been maintained for 6 months. A brief account of the histological features, both under light and electron microscopy, is given, together with a description of the use of nuclear magnetic resonance scanning in the assessment of this disease. The patient had no evidence to support a diagnosis of sarcoidosis or Crohn's disease.

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