Clinical & Experimental Allergy

Phadiatop—a novel IgE antibody screening test


T. G. Merrett, RAST Allergy Unit, Benenden Chest Hospital, Cranbrook, Kent TNI7 4AX, U.K.


The Phadiatop® test, which is based on a multi-allergen allergosorbent, proved to be a test that is simple to perform in the laboratory and produces reliable results. When compared with the more conventional RAST atopy screening test for grass, mite and IgE antibodies it produced similar results, except in those rare instances of patients who were RAST-positive only for moulds where the Phadiatop test was decidedly superior. The Phadiatop test disc contains only inhalant allergens and so it could not be used for screening infants and very young children whose IgE response, if any, is probably limited to foods.