Symptoms of respiratory allergies are worse in subjects with coexisting food sensitization


Dr Gianfrancesco Fiorini, Divisione di Medicina, Ospedale Felice Villa, U.S.S.L. 13, Via Isonzo 42b, 22066 Mariano Comense (Como), Italy.


Food sensitization was evaluated in 78 subjects with respiratory allergies, both by skin tests with commercial and fresh allergens, and by specific IgE determination. On the basis of the presence or absence of the latter the population was divided into two groups. The group with food-specific IgE showed more severe features of respiratory allergy, including a greater number of positive skin tests and specific IgE. determinations, more class 3 and 4 reactions, and more symptoms. The hypothesis that early food sensitization can predispose to severe inhalant allergy is discussed.