Purification and characterization of major inhalant allergens from soybean hulls


Dr. R. González, Alergia e Inmunología Abelló S.A., C/ Miguel Fleta, 19, 28037 Madrid, Spain.


Proteins responsible for respiratory allergy to soybean have been purified from an extract of soybean hulls. The purification procedure combined size exclusion and reverse-phase HPLC. Two pure glycoproteins (S1 and S2) exhibiting IgE-binding ability, as demonstrated by immunoblotting and ELISA techniques, were obtained. Both proteins displayed low molecular weight values on SDS-PAGE (S1, 7.0 kD; S2 7.5 kD). Protein S1 showed charge microheterogeneity, rendering two bands at pH 6.1–6.2 on IEF, whereas S2 showed a single bund at pH 6.8. Amino acid composition analyses revealed a strong homology between S1 and S2 and, as a characteristic feature, a high percentage of hydrophobic residues, mainly leucine and isoleucine. Concerning the allergenic activity, both proteins were recognized by the specific IgE from 95% of patients who suffered asthma attacks during the asthma outbreaks of 1987 and 1988 in Cartagena (Spain), caused by soybean dust. Besides, proteins S1 and S2 were able to, separately, inhibit up to 75% the binding of specific IgE to the whole extract. Moreover, purified proteins totally crossreacted, even though protein S2 seemed to be slightly more active in all the immunochemical techniques employed. Results presented allow us to conclude that both proteins are isoallergens and to name them as Gly m IA (protein S2) and Gly m IB (protein S1), according to the IUIS-allergen nomenclature system.