HLA-DR and HLA-DP genotypes and immunoglobulin E responses to common major allergens


Dr W. Cookson, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington, Oxford OX3 9DU, UK.


Abstract. In order to test for human histocompatibility leucocyte antigens (HLA) class II restriction of IgE responses, 431 subjects from 83 families were genotyped at the HLA-DR and HLA-DP loci and serotyped for IgE responses to six major allergens from common aero-allergen sources. A possible excess of HLA-DR 1 was found in subjects who were responsive to FeldI compared with those who were not (Odds Ratio (OR) = 2, P = 0.002), and a possible excess of HLA-DR4 was found in subjects responsive to Alt a I (OR = 1–9, P = 0.006). Increased sharing of HLA-DR/DP haplotypes was seen in sibling pairs responding to both allergens. Der p I, Der p II, Phi p V and Can f I were not associated with any definite excess of HLA-DR alleles. No significant correlations were seen with HLA-DP genotype and reactivity to any of the allergens. The results suggest class II HLA restriction is insufficient to account for individual differences in reactivity to common allergens.