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A two-site monoclonal antibody ELISA for the quantification of group V allergens in grass extracts


Dr B. Fahlbusch, Institute of Clinical Immunology. Friedrich-Schiller-University, Humboldtstr. 3. 0-6900 JEN A, Germany


A two-site solid-phase enzymimmunoassay was used for the quantification of group V allergen in grass pollen extracts in mass units. The assay is based on the monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs), 1D11 and 3B2 which recognize different epitopes on the standard Phl p V. The MoAb-ELISA is very sensitive (15 100ng ml Phl p V)and highly specific for group V allergens. Six pollen extracts of different grasses demonstrated parallel binding curves. The group V content ranged between 73 and 673 μg/ml in the extracts. The International Standard of Phleum pratense (IS 82 520) contains 400 μg/nil Phl p V. A good correlation was observed between the group V content and RAST inhibition, with the exception of Poa pratensis.

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