Clinical & Experimental Allergy

Collaborative study on the genetics of asthma in Germany


  • Collaborators: E. Albert. München: M. P. Baur, M. Knupp, R. Kruse, Bonn; M. Kjellman. Linköpirtg, Sweden; H. Mugnussen, R. Jörres, K. Riehler. Groβhansdorf; U. Wahn, R. Nickel, K. Beyer, Berlin; E. Weiβ, M, Ulbrecht, München: and others.


In several clinical centres in Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and others) a collaborative study on the genetics of asthma is being performed. It started at the beginning of 1995, when 100 nuclear families with two or more affected siblings were recruited. The participants are being characterized by interview information, methacholine challenge, peak flow variability, skin-prick test, total and specific IgE.