IgE- and IgG4 antibodies were compared for reactivity with recombinant chain 1 and chain 2 of the cat allergen Felis domesticus (Fei d) I. Recombinanl chain 1 and chain 2 were coupled to sepharose and tested in IgE- and IgG4 radioallergosorbent test (RAST) experiments. Substantial IgE- and IgG4 binding was found. The fraction of Pel d I-specific antibody that bound to the recombinant chains was calculated. For chain 1, the mean value of this fraction was 0.30 for IgE and 0.23 for lgG4 (P= 0.05). For chain 2, the mean value of this fraction was 0.19 for IgE and 0.13 for IgG4 (P= 0.02). These results indicate that differences in fine specificity exist between IgE and IgG4 antibodies. Moreover, these findings support our results with chemically prepared peptides derived from these two chains and suggest that the B cells producing IgE antibodies are more likely to recognize a less ‘native’ form of Pel d I, compared with IgG4.