Clinical & Experimental Allergy


Are specific immunoglobulin E titres reliable for prediction of food allergy?


  • P. A. Eigenmann

In [1], on page 247, column two, paragraph two, the final sentence should read as follows:In this population, the cut-off point for a 90% probability of allergy to cow's milk was 88.8 kU/L and 12.6 kU/L for a 95% probability of allergy to hen's egg, values largely differing from those published previously.

These data are shown in the corrected version of Table 1, below.

Table 1. Table 1.  Summary of results from studies using specific IgE cut-off points for prediction of food allergy
AuthorsSampson (11)Boyano Martinez et al. (12)Osterballe and Bindslev-Jensen (13)Celik-Bilgili et al. (14)
Study subject number1008156501
Presence of atopic dermatitis61%43%100%88%
Age of study subjectsMedian 3.8 years (range 3 months to 14 years)Mean 16 months (range 11 to 24 months)Median 2.2 years (range 0.5 to 4.9 years)Median 13 months (range 1 month to 16.1 years)
CAP FEIA cut-off points for egg allergy (kU/L)(95%) 7(90%) 0.35(95%) 1.5(95%) 12.6
CAP FEIA cut-off points for milk allergy (kU/L)(95%) 15n.a.n.a.(90%) 88.8