Retractions in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (AJRCCM)

Following an investigation by Imperial College London, and at the request of a group of senior authors (Trevor T. Hansel, Andrew Bush, Onn Min Kon and Peter J Barnes), the AJRCCM has issued a retraction statement [1]. This applies to two articles [2, 3] and two American Thoracic Society International Conference abstracts [4, 5], for which serious data anomalies were identified, and concerns raised regarding the validity of the conclusions.

The research team involved in the above publications has also been partly involved in publications in Clinical & Experimental Allergy (CEA): two articles [6, 7] and three commentaries [8–10]. The investigating committee and authors did not identify anomalies on review of data contained in these 5 CEA publications. Readers of CEA are informed that the published articles in CEA [6–10] are validated and do not require retraction.