Pseudopelade of Brocq occurring in two brothers in childhood


P.M. Collier, Department of Dermatology, Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol, UK.


The cases of two brothers who both developed pseudopelade at the age of 7 years, with progressive patchy hair loss, are reported. Biopsy in the elder brother showed typical changes with reduced numbers of hair follicles and sebaceous glands, a sparse scarring. A third family member may have been affected. The absence of a family history in most cases suggests our patients may have a different aetiology. This report of two, possibly three, family members with pseudopelade suggests genetic factors may play a role in this family. Pseudopelade is very rare in children and we are not aware of any reports of familial occurrence. Atrophy rather than scarring is the primary feature of this condition and pseudopelade of Brocq should not be classified as a cicatricial alopecia.