Three patients with sporotrichoid cutaneous tuberculosis have been described. Two were children of either sex with lesions of lupus vulgaris along the lower limb and one woman had scrofuloderma along the left arm. Culture for Mycobacteria being negative, the diagnosis was based on the clinical picture, positive tuberculin test, granulomatous dermatitis on histopathology and regression with anti-tubercular DOTS therapy. Sporotrichoid presentation of scrofuloderma appeared to simulate sporotrichosis more than sporotrichoid lupus vulgaris. As seen from other reports and the present one, children and those just past adolescence have often been affected. Since sporotrichoid pattern is known to be usually associated with the less pathogenic atypical or non-tuberculous mycobacteria, it is speculated that the good lymphatic drainage and proneness to trauma that go with the high physical activity in these age groups may rarely result in this clinical presentation of cutaneous tuberculosis.