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A case of Ferguson–Smith type multiple keratoacanthomas associated with keratoacanthoma centrifugum marginatum: response to oral acitretin


  • Conflict of interest: none declared.

Dr Fatma Aydin, Department of Dermatology, School of Medicine of Ondokuz Mayis University, 55139 Kurupelit, Samsun, Turkey.


Keratoacanthoma centrifugum marginatum (KCM) is a rare entity, usually classified as solitary keratoacanthoma (KA). The Ferguson–Smith type is the most common form of multiple KAs. Because development of multiple KAs and KCM in a single patient has rarely been reported, this association presents a therapeutic challenge. We report a 46-year-old man with Ferguson–Smith multiple KAs and KCM, who was successfully treated with acitretin.