Striae: stretching the long list of precipitating factors for ‘true koebnerization’ of vitiligo, lichen planus and psoriasis


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Dr Shyam Verma, 18 Amee Society, Diwalipura, Vadodara 390015, Gujarat, India.


Aims:  To document the role of striae distensae and striae gravidarum in causing Koebner phenomenon in cases of vitiligo, psoriasis and lichen planus.

Results:  Striae are documented to cause Koebner phenomenon in patients with preexisting vitiligo, psoriasis and lichen planus, the three conditions where ‘true kobenerisation’ has been suggested according to Boyd and Nelder classification.

Conclusions:  Striae distensae and striae gravidarum are examples of blunt trauma. Just as happens with penetrating trauma, striae too are shown to be responsible for causing the Koebner phenomenon.