Translational Mini-Review Series on Toll-like Receptors:
Toll-like receptor ligands as novel pharmaceuticals for allergic disorders


  • Guest Editor: Ian Sabroe

Michel Goldman MD, PhD, Institute for Medical Immunology, 8, rue Adrienne Bolland, B-6041 Charleroi, Belgium.


Characterization of the Toll-like receptor (TLR) family and associated signalling pathways provides a key molecular basis for our understanding of the relationship between exposure to microbial products and susceptibility to immune-mediated disorders. Indeed, ligation of TLR controls innate and adaptive immune responses by inducing synthesis of pro- as well as anti-inflammatory cytokines and activation of effector as well as regulatory lymphocytes. TLRs are therefore considered as major targets for the development of vaccine adjuvants, but also of new immunotherapies. Herein, we review the potential of TLR ligands as a novel class of pharmaceuticals for the prevention or treatment of allergic disorders.