Appendix SI. Individual scores of proliferation per patient. Patients are grouped per treatment.

Appendix SII. Cytokine profiles per patient after in vitro stimulation with the peptide by cumulative qualification and enumeration and enumeration of lymphocytes per million PBMCs producing IFNg (red), IL-4 (yellow), IL-5 (orange), IL-10 (green) and IL-13 (blue) per patient, shown for placebo (A), 0.2 mg (B), 1.0 mg (C) and 2.5 mg (D). A. Placebo, B. 0.2 mg per injection, C. 1.0 mg per injection, D. 2.5 mg per injection.

Appendix SIII. Cytokine profiles in response to hsp60, GAD and Tetanus toxoid before the start of the trial and after each injection. Shown are percentages of patients reacting to either antigen by Th1, Th1, Th2 or Treg cytokine production in placebo- (n = 12) and p277-treated (n = 36) patients.

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