Guidelines for the evaluation of blood cell analysers including those used for differential leucocyte and reticulocyte counting and cell marker applications


  • J.M. England,

  • R.M. Rowan,

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  • O.W. van Assendelft,

  • B.S. Bull,

  • W.H. Coulter,

  • K. Fujimoto,

  • W. Groner,

  • A.R. Jones,

  • J.A. Koepke,

  • S.M. Lewis,

  • N.K. Shinton,

  • N. Tatsumi,

  • R. Thom,

  • R.L. Verwilghen,

  • C.E. McLaren

Dr R.M. Rowan, Department of Haematology, Western Infirmary, Dumbarton Road, Glasgow G11 6NT, Scotland, UK.