Procedures for the outpatient management of patients with deep venous thrombosis1


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    The Haemostasis and Thrombosis Task Force meet every 6 months and will review these guidelines if any major developments occur, or by September 2008 at the latest. Members of the working party: Dr Mark Winter (Chairman, Consultant Haematologist, Canterbury), Dr David Keeling (Consultant Haematologist, Oxford), Dr Hannah Cohen, Consultant Haematologist, UCH, London, Freda Sharpen (Anticoagulant Specialist Nurse, Manchester), Prof. Patrick Vallance (Clinical Pharmacologist, UCH, London).

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Although deep venous thrombosis (DVT) is now widely managed on an outpatient basis, at a practical level there remains a potential for uncertainty as to which patient might prove suitable and in particular in regard to the lines of responsibility of each department involved in the delivery of clinical care. This guideline sets out recommendations for the standardization of the outpatient management of patients with DVT.