Cytopathology in France


  • All the authors are members of the ‘Société française de cytologie clinique (SFCC)’ B. Cochand-Priollet and P. Vielh are both cytopathologists and respectively Vice-President and President of the SFCC. S. Vincent is a cytotechnologist, IAC Award 2003.

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In France, organization of the cytopathology seems to be quite different from that specifically regulated in the USA and in some other European countries. The aim of this article is to underline these specificities and to describe the solutions we advocate concerning new technologies, teaching, quality assurance, national guidelines…, to make our current practice compatible with the international recommendations. Moreover, we highlight the peculiar status of French cytotechnologists’ and comment on the recent dramatic decrease of the medical demography in France, the consequence of which may promote a controlled transfer of competence.