• transbronchial;
  • fine needle aspiration cytology;
  • mediastinal/hilar lymphadenopathy;
  • sarcoidosis;
  • diagnostic accuracy

Objective:  The diagnostic value of transbronchial/transtracheal fine needle aspiration (TBFNA) cytology in the patients with mediastinal and/or hilar lymphadenopathy has been investigated.

Method:  Out of 116 patients with mediastinal/hilar lymphadenopathy, the diagnosis of sarcoidosis was established in 88 (75.9%). One hundred and seventy-one TBFNAs from different lymph node stations were performed using a cytological 26-gauge needle. Adequate lymph node samples were obtained in 157 of 171 (91.8%) TBFNA and 14 of 171 (8.2%) TBFNA samples were inadequate.

Results:  Cytological findings consistent with sarcoidosis were found in 79 of 88 (89.77%) patients and 133 of 157 (84.71%) samples. The sensitivity of TBFNA cytology in sarcoidosis presenting as mediastinal/hilar lymphadenopathy was 78.7%, specificity 92.3%.

Conclusions:  Overall diagnostic accuracy of TBFNA cytology in the diagnosis of sarcoidosis was 86.2%, and cytological findings consistent with sarcoidosis were the only morphological diagnosis of sarcoidosis in 63.6% of patients.