• breast;
  • BI-RADS3;
  • fine needle aspiration cytology;
  • cancer diagnosis;
  • cytodiagnosis;
  • accuracy

C. Engohan-Aloghe, N. Hottat, J. Cosaert, R. Boutemy, I. Fayt and J.-C. Noël Evaluation of accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology in BI-RADS3 category breast lesions: cytohistological correlation in 337 cases

Objective:  To evaluate the accuracy of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in BI-RADS3 breast lesions.

Methods:  Between January 2004 and December 2007, 337 cases from BI-RADS3 lesions underwent FNAC. Three to six needle passes were made on each patient. In 67 cases (20%) a histological biopsy was performed. Cytological and histological interpretations were performed by the same pathologist.

Results:  The histological diagnosis showed that 88% (59/67) of BI-RADS3 breast lesions were benign. Only 6% (4/67) were malignant, consisting of ductal carcinoma in situ and infiltrating ductal carcinoma.

Conclusion:  BI-RADS3 lesions remain disruptive in their management. However, the correlation between cytology and histology showed that most of these lesions were benign and that finally FNAC remains a useful and accurate test in the management of these lesions.