Thyroid fine needle aspiration cytology: a review of the National Cancer Institute state of the science symposium


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L. J. Layfield, E. S. Cibas and Z. Baloch
Thyroid fine needle aspiration cytology: a review of the national cancer institute state of the science symposium

In October 2007, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) of the United States sponsored a conference reviewing the state of the science of thyroid fine needle aspiration (FNA). Multiple issues were reviewed including pre-FNA requirements, training specifications, criteria for the selection of patients to undergo FNA, diagnostic categories and criteria, ancillary testing and post-FNA follow-up and treatment options. A summation of conclusions covering three of these topics, followed by a question and answer session, was subsequently presented at the 35th European Congress of Cytology (ECC) in Lisbon, Portugal in September of 2009. At the ECC, the findings of the NCI committee proposals regarding the indications for FNA of thyroid nodules, diagnostic categories and criteria, and post-FNA options for follow-up and treatment were discussed. Herein we review the presentations given at that conference.