Population fluctuations of mosquitoes in the non-seasonal tropics


Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, P.O. Box 2072, Balboa, Panama.



  • 1Seasonal and annual fluctuations in abundance of a number of species of mosquitoes were studied in a relatively non-seasonal climate near Almirante, Panama.
  • 2The fluctuations observed were large, but did not have a period of 1 year and should be classified as non-seasonal.
  • 3At each site the various species were not synchronous in their fluctuation pattern, but the fluctuations of each species were synchronous over an area of at least 4 km long, in spite of large differences in habitat.
  • 4Changes in abundance from year to year observed in these mosquitoes are large compared with those of insects, including mosquitoes, in other areas of Panama.
  • 5The importance of such large and unpredictable fluctuations in abundance for planning control measures is discussed.