• Hymenoptera;
  • latitude;
  • altitude;
  • species richness;
  • diversity

Abstract. 1. The results of a recent faunistic survey of the Hymenoptera of northern Sulawesi, Indonesia, are compared with the known British fauna.

2. All families of Hymenoptera are probably more species rich in Sulawesi than in Britain, with the possible exception of Symphyta and gall-forming Cynipidae.

3. The diversities of the samples obtained from Sulawesi are compared with those published from previous studies on the relationship between latitude, altitude and the diversity of parasitic Hymenoptera in tropical and temperate regions.

4. Despite its possibly greater species richness, the Ichneumonidae as a whole was no more diverse in the Sulawesi samples than in samples taken in temperate areas, including Britain.

5. The diversity of Parasitica as a whole appears to have been greater in the Sulawesi samples than those from either Britain or Michigan but lower than those from Costa Rica.

6. Parasitica as a whole was probably not more diverse inside the forest than at its edge, but the Aculeata was more diverse at its edge.

7. Both Parasitica and Aculeata were less diverse at 1765 m than at 220 m altitude.