• Food webs;
  • connectance;
  • Nepenthes;
  • Borneo;
  • phytotelmata;
  • Diptera


  • 1
    Two contrasting hypotheses concerning patterns in food web structure within pitchers of Nepenthes are tested using new information from six species of Nepenthes from Borneo.
  • 2
    In general, predictions that webs will be more complex, and the food chains they contain will be longer, the closer they are to the centre of Nepenthes species diversity, are supported.
  • 3
    For Nepenthes albomarginata, a widespread species with a distinctive north Bornean form, a contrasting pattern is evident explicable in terms of the morphology of the pitchers and local habitat preferences.
  • 4
    General explanations for food web patterns will always be susceptible to exception, reflecting nuances of natural history.