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Table S1. Fragment area, isolation index, percentage of residential area in a 1000-m buffer around fragments and number of plant species of 10 native urban bush fragments.

Table S2. Dates kawakawa moth larvae were collected (all month) and larval abundances and herbivory recorded (shaded month) for each fragment over a period of two southern hemisphere summers.

Table S3. Parameters used in the analyses and model fitting procedures.

Table S4. Summary of variables for each level used in this study.

Table S5. Spearman&apos;s rank correlation coefficients between relevant covariates at the individual tree level from n (561–685) trees. &ast;P < 0.01; &ast;&ast;P < 0.001.

Table S6. Pearson&apos;s correlation coefficients between plot level covariates, n = 29; &ast;P < 0.05 (two-tailed).

Table S7. Pearson&apos;s correlation coefficients between fragment level covariates, n = 10; &ast;&ast;P < 0.01 (two-tailed).

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