A comparative study of the biology and ecology of Amblyseius barkeri and Neoseiulus cucumeris1


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    Paper presented at the Joint EPPO/IOBC-EPS Conference on Plant Protection in Glasshouses, Naramowice (PL), 1991-06-04/07.


In recent years the efficacy of the oligophagous predatory mites Amblyseius barkeri and Neoseiulus (Amblyseius) cucumeris has been very variable, especially in the control of thrips in vegetable and Ornamental crops. Laboratory investigations of the biology and ecology of these two species showed that A. barkeri needed a higher RH for its development than N. cucumeris. Adult longevity and egg-laying capacity required a higher RH for female A. barkeri than for female N. cucumeris.