PM 7/101 (1): ELISA tests for plant pathogenic bacteria


Specific scope

Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay (ELISA) tests for bacteria may be used for screening of large numbers of samples as an alternative to immunofluorescence (IF) in certain cases (see PM 7/97 Indirect Immunofluorescence test for plant pathogenic bacteria). They can also be used as part of the identification of pure cultures. This standard describes how to perform an ELISA test for detection and/or identification in bacterial diagnostics using: (i) Indirect; (ii) Double antibody sandwich-DAS; (iii) Double antibody sandwich indirect-DASI also named triple antibody sandwich-TAS; and (iv) Direct tissue-print, squash or colony-dot.

Specific approval and amendment

Approved as an EPPO Standard in 2010–09