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Rapid surveys for inventorying alien plants in the Black Sea region of Turkey



The presence, distribution or abundance of many invasive alien plants is positively correlated with roads, so roads need to be taken into consideration when planning a survey in a poorly studied area. During the two field surveys organized in the framework of the 2nd Workshop on Invasive Plants in the Mediterranean Type Regions of the World,1 81 alien species were observed in the investigated area, i.e. 70 neophytes and 11 archeophytes (including 9 doubtful species), with 54 new records for the DAISIE inventory. Three of these species, Acalypha australis, Microstegium vimineum and Polygonum perfoliatum, were recorded near a tea factory, and the import of material for tea processing is expected to have been their pathway of introduction. The results of this survey in the region of Trabzon in North-East Turkey show that roadside surveys are a useful tool for early detection efforts, in compiling and updating national or regional inventories (especially with time and budget constraints). This survey, being organized in the framework of an international workshop, enabled knowledge to be shared between experts in the field, and training of students and researchers. These survey methods could be adapted, improved, and used elsewhere by others seeking to use early detection as part of their overall weed strategy or to gather baseline data on invasive alien plants in a poorly studied area.