Rating and mapping the suitability of the climate for pest risk analysis


  • This paper is an outcome of PRATIQUE (Enhancements of Pest Risk Analysis Techniques), a research project funded by the European Union under its 7th Framework Programme.


The assessment of the suitability of the climate for pest establishment is an important part of pest risk analysis (PRA). This paper describes the work undertaken by the EU 7th Framework project PRATIQUE (Enhancements of Pest Risk Analysis Techniques) to develop guidance for this component of PRA. Firstly, there is a guide to rating the suitability of the climate in the PRA area using qualitative methods. Secondly, a Decision-support scheme (DSS) has been created to assist analysts in deciding whether to map climatic suitability, and to guide the selection of the most appropriate method from the large number available. The process of selecting a climatic mapping method is based on a review of the pest’s climatic responses and distribution. A spreadsheet provides a comparison of the potential problems that can arise, depending on the mapping method and on the amount and quality of available data. Diagrams are provided to help choose the location data category that best represents the possible biases in the known distribution of the pest. A second spreadsheet provides general information on the differences and similarities of each method in terms of categories such as functionality, ease of use and quality assurance. A variety of data, tools and supporting documents are available as appendices to the DSS. All of the tools and guides are freely available online.