Remote metastatic cervical carcinoma to kidneys mimicking bilateral renal abscesses


Sheng-Tang Wu, Division of Urology, Department of Surgery, Tri-Service General Hospital, 325, Section 2, Chen-Kung Road, Taipei 114, Taiwan (e-mail:


A 53-year-old woman presented bilateral renal masses, which were interpreted as abscesses with a computed tomography scan 9 years after primary surgery for cervical carcinoma. Subsequent biopsies under ultrasound guidance revealed metastatic adenocarcinoma of kidneys originating from the cervical carcinoma. Clinical detection of renal involvement from cervical cancer is extremely rare. There were only seven cases reported in the literature, and three cases were interpreted as abscesses initially. In comparison with these cases, the time between renal metastases and initial detection of cervical carcinoma is the longest in our case.