• communication skills training;
  • oncology;
  • randomised controlled trial;
  • informed consent

WUENSCH A., GOELZ T., BERTZ H., WIRSCHING M. & FRITZSCHE K. (2010) European Journal of Cancer Care20, 570–576

Disclosing information about randomised controlled trials in oncology: training concept and evaluation of an individualised communication skills training for physicians COM-ON-rct

When physicians disclose information about randomised controlled trials, they have to balance the requirements of conducting high standard research and the respect for patients' rights. Physicians need training in this difficult matter. An individualised communication skills training (CST) about randomised controlled trials for oncologists has been developed. The aim of this publication is to describe the concept of our CST and present data of evaluation by the participants: First, a theoretical introduction about a communication model and important ethical and legal issues was presented. Individual learning goals of participants were then derived through video assessment with actor-patients. The learning goals were the basis for practicing in role play. Individual coaching helped physicians to transfer the made experience into their daily work. Forty physicians have been trained. The acceptance of the training concept was assessed by a questionnaire consisting of 14 items and using a 6-point scale from 1 (very best) to 6 (very bad): the individualised CST was highly accepted (mean = 1.33). Practicing with actor-patients (mean = 1.4), providing constructive feedback (mean = 1.3) and assessing individual learning goals (mean = 1.85) were seen as helpful. Our CST trains physicians to realise best research standards and incorporate patients' rights.