• teenager;
  • adolescent;
  • young adult;
  • competency

GIBSON F., FERN L., WHELAN J., PEARCE S., LEWIS I.J., HOBIN D. & TAYLOR R.M. (2012) European Journal of Cancer Care21, 330–339

A scoping exercise of favourable characteristics of professionals working in teenage and young adult cancer care: ‘thinking outside of the box’

A scoping exercise to define the preferred competencies of professionals involved in teenage and young adult (TYA) cancer care. Data were generated during two workshops with health professionals. In groups, they ranked skills, knowledge and attitudes, previously identified through a literature search, onto a diamond template. Data were also used from an education day with TYA professionals, who generated lists of key skills, knowledge and attitudes. Individually, professionals then selected the top five areas of competence to care for young people with cancer. The workshops generated three diamonds, which exhibited agreement of 13 principle skills, knowledge and attitudes. The top two being: ‘expertise in treating paediatric and adult cancers’ and ‘understanding cancer’. The data from the education day suggested communication, technical knowledge and teamwork as being core role features for professionals who care for young people with cancer. Integration of both datasets; one derived inductively, the other deductively provides a comprehensive outline of core skills health professionals require to be proficient in young people's cancer care. These results will form the basis of future discussion around workforce strategies and inform a Delphi survey.