Appendix S1. Metabolic theory of ecology and autotrophic respiration

Figure S1. Long term temperature data from Hengill streams.

Figure S2. New stream metabolism method performs well against oxygen sensor drift.

Figure S3. Daily stream metabolism at site 1 during nine days of continuous measurements.

Figure S4. Independence of temperature and stream hydraulic parameters.

Figure S5. Biofilm thickness is unrelated to temperature (r2 = 0.004, n = 8, = 0.88).

Figure S6. Heterotrophic respiration (HR) in the studied streams is unrelated to the autotrophic carbon use efficiency (ɛ).

Figure S7. NEP is more a function of temperature than autotrophic carbon use efficiency (ɛ).

Table S1. Location and stream parameters.

Table S2. Metabolism and light parameter.

Table S3. Physico-chemistry of filtered water samples.

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