Figure S1. Conditional bootstrapping of AFDM data set based on 1000 iterations for before (a–c) and during the salmon run (d–f) as well as the relative difference with the arrival of salmon [i.e., (during-before)/before] (g–i). Conditional data selection limited the number of years and streams selected while allowing for resampling. Bootstrapping results are given when either one (a, d, g), two (b, e, h), or three (c, f, i) years were selected, while increasing the number of streams selected from one to seven. Plots show median as horizontal line, 25th to 75th percentile as box, 10th and 90th percentile as whiskers, and 5th and 95th percentiles as dots. Dashed line indicates 95% confidence intervals based on bootstrapping with 10 000 iterations of 21 stream-year data points without conditions in selection of data.

Table S1. Site characteristics of study streams. Values presented are the mean (range) based on the mean for each year.

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