Appendix: Species means for hydraulic, anatomical, and ecological tolerance traits for 18 northern hemisphere temperate tree and shrub species from Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, MA. Species abbreviations are the first two letters of the genus and the first three letters of the species name. Trait abbreviations are as follows: NA = North America, As = Asia, Sect = sectoriality index, WD = wood density, Sp = spring, Su = summer, To = total, VD = vessel density, CV = CV of vessel area, NN = tangential nearest neighbor distance, and Tol = tolerance. For tolerances, 0 = low and 1 = high tolerance. Units are as follows Kaxial and Ktangential = Kg MPa-1 s-1 m-1, wood density = g/cm3, Dh = mm, vessel density = 1/mm2, nearest neighbor distance = mm, temperature tolerance = ?C.

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