Figure S2. Projection of (a) variables of the leaf economics spectrum, mass loss and nutrients resorption efficiency (REFF), and (b) species on the first two axes of a principal component analysis for the N- treatment and the same in (c) and (d) for the N+ treatment. In (b) and (d), dashed lines were drawn around species from the earlier (E), intermediate (I) and advanced (A) successional stages. Results of the ANOVA conducted for the components of each axis to test for differences among successional stage. For species symbols see Figure 1. Abbreviations given in Table 1.

Appendix S1 Equations of estimation of Leaf surface for each species and statistics of fitted regressions and the probability that the slope (a) differs from 1.

Appendix S2/ Values (and standard errors) of the traits involved in the leaf economics spectrum. Abbreviations given in Table 1.

Appendix S3. Values (and standard errors) of nutrient concentrations of dead leaves, mass loss and nutrient REFF. Abbreviations given in Table 1.

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