Figure S1 DEM-induced GFP expression in stable transgenic lines.

Figure S2 Constitutive GFP expression in Tg(-3.5gstp1:GFP)it416b larvae at 6 dpf.

Figure S3 Nrf2-induced GFP expression in Tg(-3.5gstp1:GFP)it416b embryos.

Figure S4 The effects of the C288S mutation in Keap1 on the OA-NO2 response.

Table S1 Generation of stable transgenic lines harboring p3.5gstp1GFP or pT3.5gstp1GFP constructs

Table S2 Peptides identified by MALDI-TOF MS from mouse Keap1 following treatment with OA-NO2

Movie S1 Real-time monitoring of DEM-induced GFP expression in Tg(-3.5gstp1:GFP)it416b larvae.

Movie S2 DEM-induced GFP expression in it567 and its sibling wild-type larvae.

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