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A catalogue of Spanish archaeomagnetic data


*A, Sáez-Espligares, I. García-Villanueva, J.A. Gisbert-Santonja, M.A. Hervás, P. Jiménez-Castillo, M. Mesquida-García, I. Navarro, M. Orfila-Pons, I. Ramírez-González, M. Retuerce, D. Urbina and C. Urquijo.


A total of 58 new archaeomagnetic directions has been determined from archaeological structures in Spain. Together with five previous results they allow the compilation of the first archaeomagnetic catalogue for Spain, which includes 63 directions with ages ranging between the 2nd century BC and the 20th century AD. Characteristic remanence directions have been obtained from stepwise thermal and alternating field demagnetization. The hierarchical structure has been respected in the calculation of the mean site directions. Rock magnetic experiments reveal that the main magnetic carrier is magnetite or titanomagnetite with different titanium contents. The age estimate of the studied structures is generally well justified by archaeological constraints. For six structures the proposed date is also supported by physical methods. The data are in close agreement with the French secular variation (SV) curve. This catalogue represents the first step in the construction of a SV curve for the Iberian Peninsula, which will be of much use in archaeomagnetic dating and in modelling of the Earth's magnetic field in Western Europe.