Figure S1. Tectonic sketch map of eastern Sicily (a). Key: (1) Late Quaternary volcanics (Mt Etna and Aeolian Islands); (2) Plio-Pleistocene volcanics (Hyblean Plateau); (3) Hyblean Plateau sequences; (4) Gela-Catania Foredeep deposits: (a) Middle-Upper Pleistocene deposits on allochthonous units, (b) Quaternary deposits on the Hyblean sequences; (5) Neogene-Quaternary accretionary wedge units; (6) Maghrebian Thrust Belt units; (7) Calabrian arc units; (8) Front of allochthonous units; (9) Main strike-slip faults; (10) Main thrust; (11) Main Quaternary normal faults. Schematic sketch section of the NE flank of Mt Etna (b). Thermal gradients at Mt Etna volcano (c). Figures redrawn from Tibaldi & Groppelli (2002), Catalano et al. (2004) and Bonaccorso et al. (2010).

Figure S2. Variations of UCS and P-wave velocity of EB (a) and PB (b) basaltic samples with increasing temperature.

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