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SH wave scattering from 2-D fractures using boundary element method with linear slip boundary condition



A boundary element method (BEM) combined with a linear slip boundary condition is proposed to calculate SH wave scattering from fractures in the frequency domain. The linear slip boundary condition was proposed by Schoenberg to model elastic wave propagation through an imperfectly bonded interface, where the traction cross the interface is continuous and displacement is discontinuous. Here, we demonstrate how to simulate SH wave scattering from fractures by applying the BEM and this linear slip boundary condition. We compare the displacement discontinuity across a traction-free crack calculated using the BEM and an analytical model to show the validity and accuracy of our approach. Comparisons between results obtained using our model with those obtained using a finite difference method are also performed and very good matches between these two methods are found. An example of SH wave scattering from three curved, crossing fractures is also given.