Supplement. The Table S1 gives the complete list of disturbed events considered in this study for Mw ≥ 6.5 (see Section 4.5 in the main text). The complete collection of solutions obtained for Mw ≥ 6.5 between 1990 and 2010 after rejecting the disturbed events are shown in order of decreasing GCMT magnitude from Fig. S1 to Fig. S11. Each frame represents an earthquake for which we show the GCMT solution in green, and the W phase solutions incorporating stations within Δ ≤ 50° tb and within Δ ≤ 90° at tc. WCMT mechanisms corresponding to OL2 (i.e. if N < 30 or γ > 270°) are presented in blue while those corresponding to OL3 (i.e. if N ≥ 30° and γ ≤ 270°) are shown in red. N is the total number of channels after inversion and γ is the azimuthal gap (in degrees). WCMT solutions for Mw ≥ 6.5 earthquakes using data within Δ < 90° are also available on the website The great-circle distances between WCMT, GCMT and PDE locations for Mw ≥ 6.5 earthquakes are presented in Fig. S12 and the complete list of WCMT centroid locations are listed from Table S2 to Table S15. The solutions resulting from the extension to 6.0 ≤ Mw < 6.5 events (see Section 4.4 in the main text) are ordered in decreasing GCMT magnitude Mw-gcmt from Fig. S13 to Fig. S36.

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