The SAFARI 2000 – Kalahari Transect Wet Season Campaign of year 2000


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Over 50 scientists from eight different countries coordinated research efforts in the Kalahari sand mass in Zambia and Botswana during the 2000 wet season as a part of the Southern African Regional Science Initiative – Kalahari Transect Wet Season Campaign (S2K-KT Wet Season Campaign). The work focused on change in ecological processes along the International Geosphere–Biosphere Programme-designated Kalahari Transect (KT). Topics included ecosystem structure, function, biogeochemistry, and modeling at the patch, landscape and regional scale. The KT of southern and central Africa follows a sharp precipitation gradient within an otherwise climatically and geographically similar region that contains a widely distributed, physically uniform soil and relatively little variation in elevation. This paper outlines the focus of the SAFARI 2000 research campaign as it relates to this study area and provides references to archived data sets generated during the study. It also describes vegetation patterns, climate, and 2000 wet season meteorological conditions for the region.