Corrigendum for Reuter et al. 2011, Global Change Biology17:163–171, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2010.02216.x

In our original calculation of fertilization efficiency (results in Figure 2a), sperm concentration was mistakenly entered into the model in incorrect units. This error resulted in a substantial underestimation of fertilization efficiency across all treatments, but did not change the qualitative or statistical patterns among carbon dioxide levels. The correct values for fertilization efficiency (β/β0), with lower and upper 95% confidence bounds in parentheses, are 0.401 (0.255, 0.545) for the controls, 0.111 (0.062, 0.160) at 800 ppm CO2, and 0.013 (0.006, 0.0185) at 1800 ppm CO2. The reductions in fertilization efficiency at 800 ppm and 1800 ppm CO2 were 72% and 97% relative to the control treatment (not 72% and 89%, as originally reported). The error did not affect other results (e.g., the time to polyspermy block in Figure 2b or the fertilization curves in Figure 3), and the overall conclusions of the paper remain unchanged.