gcb2444-sup-0001-supplinfo.docWord document2761KFigure S1. Spatial distribution of the twelve sites observed in the Inner Mongolian steppes.
gcb2444-sup-0001-supplinfo.docWord document2761KFigure S2. Air temperature (a) and soil (5 cm) temperature (b–e) at all sites (excluding UG1 and UG2) during the year-round observation period. For site codes, see Table 1.
gcb2444-sup-0001-supplinfo.docWord document2761KFigure S3. Monthly cumulative methane (CH4) uptake (±standard errors of three-four replicates) for different field sites and monthly mean air temperature. See Table 1 for site codes.
gcb2444-sup-0001-supplinfo.docWord document2761KFigure S4. Dependency of daily methane (CH4) uptake (f, mg C m-2 d-1) on daily mean soil (5 cm) temperature (T, °C) and soil (0–6 cm) moisture (m, % v/v) at investigated steppes. The data of CH4 uptake fluxes, soil temperature and moisture are collected from different site sets and parabolic mesh graphs are plotted according to the multiple polynomial regression equations shown as follows: (a) SUG79 and SCG: f=0.74+0.04×T+0.05×T2-0.0003×m-0.0025×m2r2=0.71 P<0.001. (b) LUG99 and LWG01: f=0.33+0.03×T+0.06×T2-0.0004×m-0.0015×m2r2=0.55 P<0.001. (c) L1, M1 and H1: f=0.62+0.04×T+0.05×T2-0.0003×m-0.0016×m2r2=0.76 P<0.001. (c) L2, M2 and H2: f=0.32+0.03×T+0.07×T2-0.0004×m-0.0021×m2r2=0.78 P<0.001.
gcb2444-sup-0001-supplinfo.docWord document2761KFigure S5. Dependency of monthly CH4 uptake on monthly mean air temperature at all sites. Each point represents the monthly mean CH4 uptake of three or four replicates. See Table 1 for site codes. Regression equations and parameters are shown in Table S1.
gcb2444-sup-0001-supplinfo.docWord document2761KTable S1. Parameters of the regressions between monthly CH4 uptake (Fm, g C ha-1 month-1) and monthly mean air temperature values (Ta, °C) at individual sites. Regression equation: inline image.

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