gcb2451-sup-0001-fs1.tiffTIFF image74KFigure S1. ‘Funnel graph' indicating the dependence of standard deviation on sampling size.
gcb2451-sup-0002-fs2.tiffTIFF image110KFigure S2. Outliers identified in case of SLA (2404 outliers out of 48 140 entries, after exclusion of duplicates).
gcb2451-sup-0003-fs3.tiffTIFF image247KAppendix S1. Detection of outliers.
gcb2451-sup-0004-fs4.tiffTIFF image607KAppendix S2. Reasoning and consequences of normal distribution on logarithmic scale.
gcb2451-sup-0005-fs5.epsimage/eps1209KAppendix S3. Ranges of plant traits as a function of trait dimensionality.
gcb2451-sup-0006-supplinfo.docWord document42KAppendix S4. Reduction of number of species with complete data coverage with increasing number of traits.
gcb2451-sup-0006-supplinfo.docWord document42KAppendix S5. Latitudinal range of SLA.

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