gcb2467-sup-0001-Appendix 1-AA.docWord document23KAppendix S1. Algorithm to merge transfer function and height–age curves. The algorithm below is used to adjust height–age curves for the effects of climate change on height growth. Steps shown here are linked to steps in the Animated Slides in Movie S1.
gcb2467-sup-0002-fS1-AA.pdfapplication/PDF48KFig. S1. Transfer function bias assessment. Results of lodgepole pine transfer function model bias assessment showing mean error of height predictions (HTp) and its standard error as a function of seed transfer distance in units of mean annual temperature (txMAT).
gcb2467-sup-0003-slides S1-AA.wmvvideo/wmv819KMovie S1. Iterative algorithm. An iterative procedure is illustrated for adjusting height growth (site index) curves using transfer function information. Annual impacts to height growth are inferred from a transfer function and this information is then used to adjust annual segments of the height growth curve. Steps are keyed to Appendix S1.

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