gcb2485-sup-0001-fS1-AA.pdfapplication/PDF1350KFigure S1.  Overview of soil properties and soil profile picture (sample date: 05-03-2010): (a) soil moisture profile (vol%) under fully flooded conditions, (b) bulk density profile (gcc−1), (c) calculated total porosity (%), (d) C/N ratio and (e) picture of soil profile. The upper 50–55 cm is dominated by peat with the main root zone occupying the top 25–30 cm. Carbonate rich organic silt is the dominating deposit at a depth of 55–60 cm.
gcb2485-sup-0002-fS2-AA.pdfapplication/PDF1400KFigure S2.  Frequency distributions of significant N2O fluxes (P < 0.05) in the period from 01-05-2010 to 10-10-2010.
gcb2485-sup-0003-fS3-AA.pdfapplication/PDF1397KFigure S3.  Pictures of microchamber used for testing the plant transport pathway as possible N2O conduit from the soil to the atmosphere. (a) Chamber under illuminated conditions (PAR = 300–400 W m−2), (b) chamber under simulated dark conditions (PAR = 0 W m−2).
gcb2485-sup-0004-fS4-AA.pdfapplication/PDF3003KFigure S4.  Example of oxygen (O2) transport via plants in the period from 20 May 2010 to 01-06.2010.

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