gcb2542-sup-0001-AppendixS1.docWord document44KAppendix S1. Details on physiological and phylogenetic methods.
gcb2542-sup-0002-FigureS1.docWord document369KFigure S1. Critical thermal maxima as a function of latitude.
gcb2542-sup-0003-FigureS2.docWord document1495KFigure S2. Added variable plots for all terms identified as part of the best-fitting warming tolerance models.
gcb2542-sup-0004-FigureS3.docWord document1050KFigure S3. Critical thermal maxima and ecological traits mapped on to the phylogeny of ant genera.
gcb2542-sup-0005-FigureS4.docWord document1050K 
gcb2542-sup-0006-TableS1.docWord document32KTable S1. Summary of the best-fitting warming tolerance models.
gcb2542-sup-0007-TableS2.docWord document36KTable S2. Phylogenetic signal present in ecological traits and critical thermal maxima.
gcb2542-sup-0008-TableS3.docWord document31KTable S3. Correlations among climate variables.

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